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Dark Night Blu-RayDark Night of the Scarecrow is available for the first time on a great looking Blu-Ray through VCI Entertainment. The Blu-Ray's contents are the same as the DVD release but with a few new extras thrown in, all in HD! The movie was originally going to be an independent picture released to theaters, but CBS bought it instead and only changed a couple of things to make it on to TV but nothing else was changed. In an nutshell, the movie is about a mentally challenged man Bubba (Larry Drake) that loves children and is playing with a little girl when she is almost is killed by a angry dog, the townspeople think that Bubba tried to kill the little girl. A mean postman (excellently played by Charles Durning) sets up a lynch mob to find him. Bubba is put out in a field dressed like a scarecrow by his Mom to hide from the mob, but is found by the bloodhounds that were looking for him. The lynch mob opens fire on the scarecrow which kills the scarecrow, or did it? Each one of the mob is revenged in grisly ways including the postman in a unique climax and a nice twist ending! One of the best made for TV movies ever produced in my opinion! The extras on this disc is an audio commentary by the screenwriter and director of the film and a original CBS Promo of the movie along with a 30 year retrospective, a cast reunion with a Question and Answer session and a behind the scenes Photo Gallery. A perfect Halloween treat for any horror fan!

The quality is fantastic! Little to no grain!

Was originally recorded in Mono. Audio quality is also in 5.1 Surround sound!

Disc 1- 1. "Dark Night of the Scarecrow"-with Charles Durning and Larry Drake

Disc 1: Audio Commentary by Screenwriter J. D. Feigelson and Director Frank De Felitta
Original CBS Network World Premiere Promo (01:06)
Bubba Didn't Do it!-30 years of the Scarecrow- (31:34)
CBS network re-broadcast- (01:05)
Cast Reunion Q & A- (45:17)
Behind the Scenes photo gallery- (10:01)


De Who-Spearhead BluDoctor Who-Spearhead From Space is now available on Blu Ray for the first time through BBC Warner Home Video. This story marks the first appearance of the new Doctor to the series, Jon Pertwee! This is also the only time on the series that the story was entirely done on film! There was a technicians strike and no videotape operators were available. This is why this will be the only true story to properly being done on Blu Ray because it was not done on videotape! The story is an invasion of aliens that can manipulate plastic into killing machines. They easily invade by coming down in meteorite storms. A regeneration story that was a lot easier on the Doctor than future stories. The aliens that are the Nestenes show up again in the "Terror of the Autons" and in the new series episode "Rose". The extras on this disc is a wonderful documentary on the man himself, Jon Pertwee and a sweet documentary on Caroline John who was Pertwee's first assistant, original title sequence test for Pertwee's first season, a short feature on the restoration process to Blu Ray and a coming soon trailer.

The video quality is really great! There is a slight grain to the picture because the story was filmed on 16mm instead of 35mm. The total story is performance is 101 minutes long.

Is in DTS-MA 2.0.

Disc 1- 1. "Spearhead From Space-Special Edition"-with Jon Pertwee and Caroline John (101 mins)
Part One (24:43)
Part Two (25:27)
Part Three (25:21)
Part Four (25:43)

Disc 1: A Dandy and a Clown-A Documentary on Jon Pertwee (44:15)
Carry On-The Life of Caroline John (30:23)
Title Sequence Material (23:36)
Restoration Comparison (02:19)
Coming Soon-The Green Death-Special Edition (01:25)



Dr Who Specials Blu

This month BBC Warner has come out with a 5 disc box set of the Specials season for the first time on Blu-Ray that covers all five stories: The Next Doctor, Planet of the Dead, The Waters of Mars and the two part finale, The End of Time all from David Tennant's Final Season.

The Christmas special from David Tennant's final season as the good Doctor is a jam-packed adventure! The Doctors are fighting a returning old nemesis, The Cybermen! This time the Cybermen have an ally in the form of Miss Hartigan who plans with the Cybermen to take over the world in Victorian England! The special stars David Morrissey as "THE Doctor"! The special Feature on this disc is a 59-minute Doctor Who Music Special entitled "Doctor Who at the Proms" hosted by Freema Ageymen. The special is an evening of Doctor Who music by composer Murray Gold. This story also marks the last time that Dr Who was shot in regular non-HD format. For this Blu-ray edition, the Christmas special has been up converted to 1080p!

The first special from David Tennant's final season is just as exciting! This special stars Michelle Ryan star of the ill-fated "Bionic Woman" retread and comedian Lee Evans. Michelle Ryan is Lady Christina de Soza, a jewel thief who steals a golden chalice from a museum, Mission: Impossible style and to elude the police, hides aboard a London bus which the Doctor happens to board and somehow goes through a worm hole to another world. The episode is fast paced and well acted! The special Feature on this disc is a 56 minute Doctor Who Confidential on the making of "Planet of the Dead". This story also marks the 200th story of Doctor Who dating back to the beginning in 1963.

The second special of David Tennant's final season takes place on the first Mars Colony, Bowie Base One in the year 2059. The Captain of the base in the course of human history is very important but the Doctor wants to change all that for he thinks it would be for the better. Alien life forms have infested themselves in Andy and Maggie in which large amounts of water comes out of their bodies and infects the other crew members. The Doctor changes the law of time & saves the rest of the base crew. The Commander of the base has to die to keep the timeline intact. Or does she?

The final special of David Tennant's time as the Doctor is the "End of Time". It is also time for regeneration to a new Doctor (Matt Smith). The Ood's warned the Doctor that the Master was to return also predicting the End of time for all! Wilfred Mott (Bernard Cribbins) helps the Doctor with a group of elderly friends known as the "Silver Cloak". The Time Lords return in this special having not been seen since the 1986 season "The Trial of a Time Lord" are going to cause massive trouble for the people of Earth if they are not stopped. The Time Lords have been locked in the Time War and with the Doctor's help to keep them there. A touching ending for the Doctor when he finally regenerates to the new Doctor! I consider this 2 part special the best of the specials and again a fitting ending to David Tennant's time as the Doctor.

The Extras
This set has lots of good extras spread over the five discs. There are audio commentaries on the 2-part "The End of Time" with David Tennant on the two as well as Catherine Tate, John Simm and Director Euros Lyn. There are Doctor Who Confidential on all stories along with an hour long musical celebration of Doctor Who music, David Tennant's last video diary, Doctor Who at Comic-Con panel and deleted scenes. A wonderful set to add to your doctor who collection!

The Next Doctor

The video quality is great! The total story is approx. 60 minutes long.

Was originally recorded in 5.1. It is presented here in DTS HD!

Disc 1- 1. "The Next Doctor"-with David Tennant and David Morrissey

Disc 1: Doctor Who Confidential-The Next Doctor (55:30)
Doctor Who & the Proms (59:05)


Planet of the Dead

Filmed in High Definition! What an absolutely beautiful picture!

Was originally recorded in 5.1. It is presented here in DTS HD!


Disc 1- 1. "Planet of the Dead"-with David Tennant and Michelle Ryan (59 mins)


Disc 1: Doctor Who Confidential-Planet of the Dead-Desert Storm (56:56)


The Waters of Mars

Filmed in High Definition!

Was originally recorded in 5.1. It is presented here in DTS HD!


Disc 1- 1. "The Waters of Mars"-with David Tennant and Lindsay Duncan (60 mins)

Disc 1: Doctor Who Confidential-Is There Life on Mars? (57:58)


The End of Time Part 1

Filmed in High Definition!

Was originally recorded in 5.1. It is presented here in DTS HD!

Disc 1- 1. "The End of Time Pt 1"-with David Tennant, Bernard Cribbins, John Simm and Timothy Dalton (59:39)

Disc 1: Audio Commentary with David Tennant, Catherine Tate and Euros Lyn
Doctor Who Confidential-Lords & Masters (57:03)
David Tennant Video Diary-The Final Days (40:37)
Doctor Who BBC Christmas Idents (00:52)

The End of Time Part 2

Filmed in High Definition!

Was originally recorded in 5.1. It is presented here in DTS HD!

Disc 1- 1. "The End of Time Pt 2"-with David Tennant, Bernard Cribbins, John Simm and Timothy Dalton (72 mins)

Disc 1: Audio Commentary with David Tennant, John Simm and Euros Lyn
Doctor Who Confidential-Allons-Y (56:54)
Doctor Who At Comic Con (21:03)
Deleted Scenes (17:10)


What is interesting about the new Doctor Who series is that it is videotaped on HD DV video and converted to a "Film" look for TV.


Dr Who-2011The Christmas special from Matt Smith's second season as the good Doctor is an all new adventure! Titled "The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe" a Spaceman falls from the sky while Madge Arwell (Claire Skinner) is riding her bike down an English country road during Pre WWII days. For her kindness, the spaceman grants her a wish. Go forward three years later at the heart of the war with Britain and Madge and her children evacuate London to a relatives run down mansion in Dorset. She doesn't have the heart to tell her children that their father was killed over the English Channel and decides to tell them after Christmas. The Caretaker of the mansion is a bow tied gentleman that has a large Blue box under the Christmas tree that will take them on an adventure! Not the absolute best of the Christmas specials since the beginning of the new series back in 2005, but thoroughly enjoyable none the less. Both Matt Smith specials have a familiarity to them being the first Christmas special was in essence "A Christmas Carol" and this one being "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe" The special stars are Claire Skinner (Bridget Jones' Diary), Bill Bailey (Black Books) and Alexander Armstrong (Voice of Mr. Smith, Sarah Jane Adventures). The special Feature on this disc is 3- 45 minute Best of Shows that were shown on BBC America in the middle of the sixth season. There is also a 90 second Prequel to the special to explain the special a little better, all done in HD. Since season or "series" five, the episodes have been produced in 1080i HD. The special like last years has lush color and crispness and very little graininess that has been a welcome site to the world of Doctor Who! I would highly recommend this Blu Ray for all Whovians out there!



The video quality is phenomenal! Episodes were shot in HD and are in 1080I! The total story is 58 minutes long.



Was originally recorded in 5.1. It is presented on this set as DTS HD!


Disc 1- 1. "The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe"-with Matt Smith, Bill Bailey and Claire Skinner (58 mins)



Disc 1: The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe Prequel (01:27)
Best of the Doctor-BBC America Special (43:27)
Best of the Companions-BBC America Special (43:19)
Best of the Monsters-BBC America Special (43:29)


Dr Who-S7 Pt 1Matt Smith's 3rd series (season) as the Doctor is now available as Doctor Who-Series 7, Part 1 on Blu Ray from BBC Warner Home Video. The iconic time traveling timelord is accompanied once again with his traveling companion Amy played by Karen Gillan and, Amy's husband-Rory played by Arthur Darvill joins the duo once again but perhaps for the last time! This time around the Daleks bring the trio to them when the Daleks are asking for the Doctor's help? A human is the key to that adventure with a new companion coming on board played by Jenna Louise-Colman. Next is the Doctor, Queen Nefertiti, a Game hunter and Rory's Dad when a spaceship full of Dinosaurs is hurtling towards Earth! We then go to a town in the old American West where an alien cyborg is out to find the Doctor and execute him! The final two stories in this half season are "The Power of Three" where the world is invaded by millions of black cubes that do absolutely nothing until a particular time and then are they friend or foe? And lastly "The Angels Take Manhattan" where sadly the Ponds depart from the good Doctor but how will the story end? Guest stars for the series were Mark Williams (Harry Potter), David Bradley (Harry Potter), Jenna Louise-Colman (Eastenders, New Dr Who Companion!), Garrick Hagen (Doctor Who), Steven Berkoff (Octopussy) and Alex Kingston (ER, Doctor Who). This set has some extras such as a 5 part "Prequel" to each story between adventures, a Doctor Who Special shown on BBC America and a Comic Con piece about the series. Please visit to get your copy today. Highly recommended for all Doctor Who fans!



The video quality is quite good being filmed on Digibeta! Excellent quality. Shown in 1080i and Widescreen. There is also a Play All feature for each disc.



Was originally recorded in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound. It is also able to hear it in 5.1 DTS-HD 5.1!


Disc 1- 1. "Asylum of the Daleks"-with Jenna Louise-Colman (48:53)
2. "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship"- (45:17)-with Mark Williams and David Bradley
3. "A Town Called Mercy"-with Garrick Hagon (44:19)

Disc 2- 4. "The Power of Three" - with Steven Berkoff (41:20)
5. "The Angels Take Manhattan" -with Alex Kingston (44:19)


Disc 1 None

Disc 2: Pond Life-A 5 part "Prequel" to the stories between adventures (06:12)
Asylum of the Daleks Prequel (02:35)
The Making of the Gunslinger-scene (01:46)
The Science of Doctor Who-Special (43:52)
Comic Con Piece (11:04)


Dr Who-time of doctorThe final story of Matt Smith's reign as the Doctor-"The Time of the Doctor" is now available on Blu-Ray from BBC Warner Home Video. The Doctor and Clara go to a town called Christmas on the planet of Trenzalore. For reasons not known to the Doctor, his enemies have converged to the planet to finally kill him! While on the planet, he grows old and finds out that he can no longer regenerate! Will he regenerate once again? I actually enjoyed this story much more than the other 2 stories in the trilogy, "The Name of the Doctor" and "Day of the Doctor". Matt Smith was actually able to shine as the Doctor one last time! And it was written by Steven Moffat!! Go figure!! Moffat also tried his best to tie up all of the loose ends that were threaded through the three seasons of Smith's time. The quality of the Blu-ray is superb as usual! This Blu-ray has a few extras such as a short behind the scenes look at the special, a look back at the 50 years that the Doctor has been with us and a nice send off special for Matt Smith. Please visit to get your copy today.


The video quality is great being filmed on Digibeta! Excellent quality.



Was originally recorded in Dolby 5.1. It is also able to hear it in DTS-HD 5.1


Disc 1-Blu Ray 1. "The Time of the Doctor"-with Matt Smith (63 mins)



Disc 1: Blu Ray- "Behind the Lens" (13:20)
"Tales From the Tardis" (44:53)
"Farewell to Matt Smith" (45:23)


Dr Who-Series 8 BluPeter Capaldi's 1st series (season) as the Doctor is now available as Doctor Who-Complete Series 8 from BBC Warner Home Video. The intrepid timelord is joined by the last companion of Matt Smith's Doctor Clara Oswald played by Jenna Colman. The season starts with a feature length episode that also introduces a character called "Missy". This series begins with Victorian London and Lady Vastra and the Clock people then the Daleks, Robin Hood, to the end of the Universe, heisting an Intergalactic bank, the Moon about to be destroyed, a Mummy aboard a Space Orient Express, when Earth is taken over by trees, the Cybermen and an old adversary! Guest star for the series were Brian Miller (Snakedance, Doctor Who). This set has quite a few extras such as audio commentaries on 4 episodes and there are also specials that were shown on BBC America, two great specials, The Ultimate Timelord and The Ultimate Companion both hosted by the fifth Doctor-Peter Davison! Also the Blu ray quality is fantastic! As Capaldi's first season, Overall, slightly better than the last season of Smith's era. Personally, just two stories that I really like out of the twelve that were produced, "Time Heist" and "Flatline", at least one of them that is not written by Steven Moffatt! Peter Capaldi is one of the reasons why I am watching the show. The writing is still bad overall and its more "Clara Who" than "Doctor Who" The reveal of who Missy really is highly disappointing! It would have been much more powerful if Missy was The Rani which that character has not come back for 27 years that last appeared in "Time of the Rani" with Doctor # 7-Sylvester McCoy.



The video quality is great! Excellent quality. There is also a Play All feature for every disc.



Was originally recorded in Mono. It is also able to hear it in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound.


Disc 1- 1. "Deep Breath" (79 mins)- with Brian Miller
2. "Into the Dalek" (48:58)

Disc 2- 3. "Robot of Sherwood" (48:25)
4. "Listen" (50:04)
5. "Time Heist" (47:29)
6. "The Caretaker" (47:35)

Disc 3- 7. "Kill the Moon" (47:08)
8. "Mummy on the Orient Express" (48:41)
9. "Flatline" (45:18)
10. "In the Forest of the Night" (47:20)

Disc 4- 11. "Dark Water" (48:28)
12. "Death in Heaven" (59:12)


Disc 1: Audio Commentary on Into The Dalek by Director Ben Wheatley
Earthquest-The World Tour (48:41)
Tour of the Tardis (01:53)
Doctor Who Exclusive (09:17)
Doctor Who Live Pre Show (11:02)
Doctor Who After Who Live (43:23)
London Post Q & A (29:45)

Disc 2: Audio Commentary on Robot of Sherwood by Director Paul Murphy
Audio Commentary on The Caretaker by Director Paul Murphy
The Ultimate Timelord-Hosted by Peter Davison (45:01)


Disc 3: Audio Commentary on Kill the Moon by Director Paul Wilmshurst
The Ultimate Companion-Hosted by Peter Davison (47:32)


Disc 4: Behind the Scenes (140 mins approx)
Music Video-Foxes: Don't Stop Me Now (03:28)

G - I



Hawaii Five O-S2 BluThe complete second season of the new Hawaii Five-O available in Blu-Ray from CBS/Paramount Home Video. This season picks up where the last one left off with the murder of the Governor which is pinned on McGarrett and now it is up to the Five-O team to clear his name! This season also to help McGarrett is Lt. Commander Joe White played by Terry O'Quinn (Lost) who was a mentor and close friend of McGarrett's father. A new member to the team is Homeland Security Profiler Lori Weston played by Lauren German (Memphis Beat) and the coroner Max played by Masi Oka (Heroes) joins the team on a more regular basis. Guest stars from the second season are Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan), James Marsters (Angel), Bruce Davison (X-Men), Patty Duke (The Patty Duke Show), Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street), Jimmy Buffett, Al Harrington (Original Hawaii Five-O), James Caan (Las Vegas), comedian Dennis Miller, Ed Asner (Lou Grant), Tony Todd (The Candyman), Kevin Dobson (Knots Landing) Stacy Haiduk (Seaquest DSV) and Peter Fonda (Easy Rider). The complete set includes audio commentaries on selected episode with deleted scenes and outtakes on Series 2, featurettes and The NCIS: Los Angeles crossover episode. On a side note: Met and spent time with Tony Todd at a convention with friends soon after the Five-O episode aired! Great Guy and Actor!


The video quality is phenomenal! Episodes were shot in 1080p HD! Episodes are also uncut. There is also a Play All feature on each disc. Each episode runs approx 47 mins each.



Was originally recorded in 5.1. It is presented on this set as DTS HD!


Season 2

Disc 1- 1. "Hatole " (Unbreakable)-with James Marsters and Terry O'Quinn
2. "Ua Lawe Wale" (Taken)-with Tom Sizemore and Bruce Davison
3. "Kame'e" (The Hero)-with David Keith
4. "Mea Makamae" (Treasure)-with Patty Duke and Peter Fonda
5. "Ma'Ema'e" (Clean)

Disc 2- 1. "Ka Hakaka Maika'l" (The Good Fight)
2. "Ka Iwi Kapu" (Sacred Bones)-with Robert Englund
3. "Lapa'Au" (Healing)
4. "Ike Maka" (Identify)
5. "Ki'ilua" (Deceiver)-with Jimmy Buffett

Disc 3- 1. "Pahele" (Trapped)
2. "Alaheo Pau'Ole" (Gone Forever)-with Gail O'Grady
3. "Ka Ho'Oponopono" (The Fix)
4. "Pu'Olo" (The Package)
5. "Mai Ka Wa Kahiko" (Out of the Past)

Disc 4- 1. "I Helu Pu" (The Reckoning)
2. "Kupale" (Defender)-with Al Harrington
3. "Lekio" (Radio)-with James Caan and Dennis Miller
4. "Kalele" (Faith)-with Ed Asner, Tony Todd and Jason Scott Lee
5. "Ha' Alele" (Abandoned)-with Kevin Dobson and Stacy Haiduk

Disc 5- 1. "Pa make Loa" (Touch of Death: NCIS Los Angeles Crossover)
2. "Ua Hopu" (Caught)
3. "Ua Hala" (Death in the Family)



Disc 1: Audio Commentaries on "Hotole" -with Cast & Crew
Deleted Scenes from "Hotole" , "Ua Lawe Wale" and "Ma'Ema'e"

Disc 2: Audio Commentaries on "Ki'ilua" -with cast & crew
Deleted Scenes from "Ka Hakaka Maika'l" and "Ki'ilua"

Disc 3: Deleted Scenes from "Alaheo Pau'Ole"

Disc 4: Deleted Scenes from ""I Helu Pu" and "Ha' Alele"

Disc 5: Deleted Scenes from ""Ua Hala"
NCIS Los Angeles-"Touch of Death" Crossover
Shore Line-Story of Hawaii Five O Season 2
Aloha Action-Season 2
Hawaii Five o-Interactive Map of O'ahu
Becoming A Seal: An Insiders Guide to the World's Toughest Training
Gag Reel

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P - R



robin blu ray set 1Robin Of Sherwood is now available for the first time on Blu-ray from Acorn Video. It started on Showtime here in the states in the late 1980's to early 1990's. Robin Hood was played by Michael Praed before he played the marrying prince in the ABC hit "Dynasty". In series 3 the part was taken over by Jason Connery. What I liked about the show was the mysticism and the gritty realism of the series. The first 2 seasons have been digitally remastered for the first time on Blu-Ray. The picture quality is a step up from the DVDs which were great quality on their own, but the series was filmed on 16 mm which leaves graininess in the picture. The first set covers the first 13 episodes. This is a 4-disc set with the 4th disc which is a DVD solely devoted for bonus features. The guest cast from the two series include Anthony Valentine (Callan), John Rhys Davies (Lord of the Rings), Rula Lenska, Simon Dutton (The Saint) and Oliver Tobias (Arthur of the Britons). You get 5 Audio commentaries from the creator Richard Carpenter along with directors from the series. There are also 2 retrospective documentaries filmed just a couple of years ago. There is also a behind-the-scenes special that is an extended edit but this set does not have the additional hour of unseen footage from the special that the DVD set has, outtakes from both seasons and US, French and Textless opening title sequences and remembrances by the second series director Robert Young. What a great set to own and enjoy!



The video quality is superb! Digitally Remastered. There is not a Play All feature. Excellent quality.



Was originally recorded in Mono. It is also Mono on this set.

Disc 1- 1. "Robin And The Sorcerer" Part 1 with Anthony Valentine
2. "Robin And The Sorcerer" Part 2
3. "The Witches Of Elsdon"

Disc 2- 4. "Seven Poor Knights From Acre"
5. "Alan A Dale"
6. "The Knight's Fool" with John Rhys Davies
7. "The Swords Of Wayland" Part 1 with Rula Lenska
8. "The Swords Of Wayland" Part 2 with Anthony Steel

Disc 3- 9. "The Prophecy" with Simon Dutton and George Baker
10. "Lord Of The Trees" with Oliver Tobias and Jeremy Bulloch
11. "The Children of Isreal"
12. "The Enchantment" with Anthony Valentine and Jeremy Bulloch
13. "The Greatest Enemy" with Jeremy Bulloch

Disc 4-1. "Special Features Disc"




Disc 1: Audio Commentary on Robin Hood & The Sorcerer Pt. 1
Audio Commentary on Robin Hood & The Sorcerer Pt. 2
The Electric Theatre Show-Extended Edit (36:01)

Disc 2: Audio Commentary on King's Fool
Audio Commentary on Swords of Wayland Pt. 1
Audio Commentary on Swords of Wayland Pt. 2
Series One Photo Gallery (12:40)

Disc 3: Isolated Music Track on "The Prophecy"
Isolated Music Track on "Lord of the Trees"
Isolated Music Track on "The Children of Israel"
Isolated Music Track on "The Enchantment"
Series Two Photo Gallery (07:15)

Disc 4 : The Making Of Series 1 (1 Hour)
The Making Of Series 2 (41:00)
The Electric Theatre Show-Behind The Scenes Special (24:10)
Series 1 Outtakes (08:32)
Series 2 Outtakes (07:09)
Textless Title Sequence & Foreign Titles (05:42)
The Prophecy Fulfilled (09:58)
Robert Young Remembers-"The Swords of Wayland" (05:53)
Robert Young Remembers-"The Greatest Enemy" (07:06)


ROBIN OF SHERWOOD SET 2 BRRobin Of Sherwood Set 2 is now available for the first time on Blu-ray from Acorn Video. This set covers Robin Of Sherwood's third season and final 13 episodes with Jason Connery as the new leader of the merry group taking over from Michael Praed since he went on to be in the Dynasty TV series. The whole shape of the show changed somewhat when Connery took over and ran rather well to the end of the series. The Celtic lore and the attention to detail stand this series far better of the Robin Hood series before and since! The last season of the series kept the same pace and feel as the previous seasons. This is a 4-disc set with the 4th disc as a DVD solely devoted for bonus features. The picture quality is quite good with a little grain considering the show was filmed in 16mm instead of the standard 35 mm which is better used for Blu Ray. The guest cast from the third series include Richard O'Brien (Rocky Horror Picture Show), George Baker (Bowler, Doctor Who), Cyril Cusack (Fahrenheit 451), David Rappaport (), Lewis Collins (The Professionals), Matt Frewer (Max Headroom), William Russell (Doctor Who), Patricia Hodge (Rumpole of the Bailey) and Ian Ogilvy (Return of the Saint). You get 9 Audio commentaries from the stars Jason Connery, Clive Mantle and Mark Ryan. There is the retrospective documentary that was filmed around 2002. There are also outtakes and a US Textless opening title sequence. What a great set to own and enjoy!



The video quality is superb! Digitally Remastered. There is not a Play All feature. Excellent quality.



Was originally recorded in Mono. It is also Mono on this set.


Disc 1- 1. "Hearne's Son " Part 1 with Richard O'Brien & George Baker
2. "Hearne's Son" Part 2
3. "The Power of Albion" with Max Faulkner

Disc 2- 4. "The Inheritance" with Cyril Cusack and David Rappaport
5. "The Sheriff of Nottingham" with Lewis Collins
6. "The Cross of St. Ciricus"
7. "Cromm Cruac"
8. "The Betrayal" with Matt Frewer

Disc 3- 9. "Adam Bell"
10. "The Pretender" with William Russell and Patricia Hodge
11. "Rutter Kin" with Ian Ogilvy
12. "The Time of the Wolf" Part 1
13. "The Time of the Wolf" Part 2

Disc 4-1. "Special Features Disc"




Disc 1: Audio Commentary on Herne's Son Pts 1 & 2 by Jason Connery & Mark Ryan
Isolated Music Track on "Hearne's Son" Part 1
Isolated Music Track on "The Power of Albion"
Series 3 Stills Gallery (20:30)

Disc 2: Audio Commentary on The Inheritance by Jason Connery and Clive Mantle
Audio Commentary for The Sheriff Of Nottingham by Jason Connery and Mark Ryan
Audio Commentary for Cromin Cruac by Jason Connery and Mark Ryan
Isolated Music Track on "The Sheriff of Nottingham

Disc 3: Audio Commentary for Adam Bell by Jason Connery and Mark Ryan
Audio Commentary for Adam Bell by Jason Connery and Mark Ryan
Audio Commentary on The Time of the Wolf Pts 1 & 2 by Esta Charkham

Disc 4: Making Of Series 3-Nothing's Forgotten (1:00:15)
Robin Hood 1, 2 3 Screen Swordplay (08:08)
It's Showtime Series Promo (04:36)
Series 3 Outtakes (13:14)
Us Title Sequence (00:37)
Esta Charkham's Photographic Retrospective (09:27)
Promotional Stills Gallery (01:27)
The Hooded Man, Clannad & Robin Of Sherwood (12:21)
TV-AM Morning Show Feature (04:05)

S - U


Stephen Fry In America BluAn intriguing and fun documentary series is now available through BFS Entertainment! It is called "Stephen Fry in America"! A six part series that has Stephen goes through all 50 States to find interesting things about America which he at one point was almost a permanent citizen! It has been told that just before Stephen was born that his father was offered a teaching job at Princeton University but turned it down to stay in England. Fry's mode of transportation is slightly amusing, being a black London cab. Each episode, Fry visits roughly on average 8 states per episode all the way from Maine in the first episode to Hawaii in the last one. Among famous people he talks to are Morgan Freeman and mogul Ted Turner. The series is available in Blu-ray and DVD in 2 disc sets. The Blu-ray which I have viewed is nothing short of astonishing! The shows are shot in 1080i which shows beautifully on a 1080p screen! The colors are vivid and the scenery is crisp and it looks like you can touch the mountains and the buildings! After an episode or two, you're hooked! There are no extras on this Blu-ray set. There was a companion book about the series made and since the show was unable to go to all the places they wanted to, a new 5 part series has been commissioned by the BBC called "More Fry in America". This Blu-ray set is perfect for any fan of Stephen Fry!


Stephen Fry In America


Disc 1-

1. Episode 1-States-Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington D. C.

2. Episode 2-States-Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Alabama

3. Episode 3-States-Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota


Disc 2-

4. Episode 4-States-Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas

5 Episode 5-States-New Mexico, Utah, Arizona and Nevada

6 Episode 6-States-California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii


Disc 1- None

Disc 2- None


TORCH-COMP BLUThe complete UK three-season Torchwood series is finally available in Blu-Ray from BBC Warner Home Video. Torchwood is a spin-off series of the revamped Doctor Who TV series. It deals with a covert and highly secret team of scientists that work at the Torchwood Institute that deal with alien intelligence and hardware that fall from the skies and invade Earth on a regular basis. The leader of the team is Captain Jack Harkness an alien from the future that was first introduced in the Doctor Who story "The Empty Child". He is indestructible and has regenerative powers thanks to Rose in the story "The Parting of the Ways". The show is more mature in content. There are stories about Cannibalism, Love affairs both Heterosexual, Homosexual and Bisexual, Time Rifts, and possible ending of the World. I personally like the stories but sometimes the Adult content and profanity is thrown in your face for no other reason that shock value. Apart from that there were some good stories. The first series (season) deals with the beginnings and the introduction of a female cop Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) who stumbles onto the Torchwood facility which starts her tenure. The season also deals with a female cyberman, cannibals, a plane from 1953 comes to town, man-sized Weevils taking humans and the possible end of the world by rift in time all in the first series! The second series dealt with Captain Jack's fellow time agent and former boyfriend wreaking havoc with Torchwood, alien "sleeper" agents, and two of the Torchwood team dies. The third and final UK Torchwood season is a 5 part arc about an alien race known as the "456" that will destroy the Earth if the aliens do not receive 10 % of the World's children so they can drain the life essence from them! The fourth series is now showing on US cable TV. Guest stars from the first three series are Gareth Thomas (Blake's 7), James Marsters (Angel), Freeman Aygeman (Doctor Who), Richard Briers (Monarch of the Glen) and Peter Capaldi (Doctor Who). The complete set includes Audio commentaries on every episode of the first series along with deleted scenes and outtakes on Series 2, featurettes and Torchwood: Declassified which are short takes on each episode by the cast and crew.


The video quality is phenomenal! Episodes were shot in 1080i HD! Episodes are also uncut. There is also a Play All feature on each disc. Each episode runs approx 50-60 mins each.



Was originally recorded in 5.1. It is presented on this set as DTS HD!

Series 1

Disc 1- 1. "Everything Changes"
2. "Day One"

Disc 2- 1. "Ghost Machine"-with Gareth Thomas
2. "Cyberwoman"
3. "Small Worlds"

Disc 3- 1. "Countrycide"
2. "Greeks Bearing Gifts"

Disc 4- 1. "They Keep Killing Suzie"
2. "Random Shoes"

Disc 5- 1. "Out of Time"
2. "Combat"

Disc 6-1. "Captain Jack Harkness"
2. "End Of Days"



Disc 1: Audio Commentaries on "Everything Changes" and "Day One"
Welcome To Torchwood (14:30)
Torchwood on the Scene (15:40)
Torchwood Out of This World (10:32)
Deleted Scenes (11:02)
Torchwood Declassified-Welcome to Torchwood (10:36)
-Bad Day At The Office (09:05)

Disc 2: Audio Commentaries on "Ghost Machine", "Cyberwoman" and "Small Worlds"
Torchwood Out of This World-"Ghost Machine" (05:15)
"Cyberwoman" (04:17)
"Small Worlds" (05:14)
Torchwood Declassified-Living History (09:04)
-Girl Trouble (10:06)
-Away with the Fairies (10:06)

Disc 3: Audio Commentaries on "Countrycide" and "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
Torchwood-Sex, Violence Blood and Gore (15:40)
Torchwood-The Team and Their Troubles (10:26)
Torchwood Declassified-The Country Club (10:25)
-There's Something About Mary (10:23)


Disc 4: Audio Commentaries on "They Keep Killing Suzie" and "Random Shoes"
Torchwood on the Road (09:07)
Torchwood The Team and their Troubles (11:43)
Deleted Scenes (06:49)
Torchwood Declassified-Beyond the Grave (10:41)
-Dead Man Walking (10:18)

Disc 5: Audio Commentaries on "Out of Time" and "Combat"
Torchwood Moments in the Making (10:38)
The Captain's Log (10:24)
Torchwood Declassified-Time Flies (10:31)
-Weevil Fight Club (10:23)

Disc 6: Audio Commentaries on "Captain Jack Harkness" and "End Of Days"
Torchwood Moments in the Making (10:35)
Torchwood on Time (10:08)
Deleted Scenes (14:17)
Outtakes (05:36)
Torchwood Declassified-Blast From The Past (10:05)
-To The End (10:24)


Series 2

Disc 1- 1. "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"-with James Marsters
3. "Sleeper"
4. "To The Last Man"

Disc 2- 1. "Meat"
4. "Adam"
5. "Reset"-with Freema Agyeman
6. "Dead Man Walking"

Disc 3- 1. "Day In The Death" -with Richard Briers
3. "Something Borrowed"
4. "From Out Of The Rain"

Disc 4- 1. "Adrift"
3. "Fragments"
4. "Exit Wounds"



Disc 1: Torchwood Declassified-Captain Hart (13:03)
-Sleepless In Cardiff (10:32)
-Step Back In Time (08:28)

Disc 2: Torchwood Declassified-Whale Of A Time (09:33)
-Memories Of The Past (10:01)
-Animal Pharm (12:32)
-Death Defying (11:08)

Disc 3: Torchwood Declassified-Dead Eyes Open (13:13)
-Something New (11:12)
-In Living Colour (13:04)

Disc 4: Torchwood Declassified-Quid Pro Quo (09:49)
-The Beginning (10:28)
-The End (11:01)
Life & Death of Captain Jack (22:02)
Outtakes (08:39)
Deleted Scenes (17:17)

Series 3

Disc 1- 1. "Day One"-with Peter Capaldi
2. "Day Two"
3. "Day Three"

Disc 2- 4. "Day Four"
5. "Day Five"



Disc 1: None

Disc 2: Torchwood Declassified-Children Of Earth (31:43)


V - X


Visions of Britain & Ireland-Blu Ray

Visions Blu-rayI am so glad that Acorn Video finally has put out the Visions of Britain & Ireland on Blu-ray! The Blu-rays of these programs are the same as the standard versions that are already out. Big difference seeing in HD! Starting in 2003, Roy Hammond has flown over Great Britain and Ireland with a Hi Def camera underneath a helicopter to get a great birds eye view of the countrysides and towns. It is also presented in widescreen, which looks great on a big TV! I have never been to the British Isles but I would love to soon before I am too old to enjoy it! My original reviews of the standard discs have a little more info if you are interested. The Visions of England is narrated by Franca Barchiesi and has over 19 minutes of bonus footage. The Visions of Scotland is narrated by James Wallace and has 6 minutes of bonus footage and Visions of Ireland & Wales are narrated by Terry Donnelly and Geraint W. Davies and has over 40 minutes of bonus footage from both programs. All bonus footage has not been shown on TV and is exclusively on these discs. The views of these countries are breathtaking in HD and its like you can almost reach out and touch the scenery! And on the Wales program they show the resort of Portmeirion which was used in "The Prisoner" TV series! The difference on the special features on this set is that you can watch the programs with Music and Narration of just Music only.


Visions of Britain

Disc 1- 1. Opening, Dover, Martello Tower, Town of Battle, Bodiam Castle

2. Eastbourne, Palace Pier, Royal Pavilion, Isle of Wight, Carisbrooke Castle, Osborne House, Southampton, Salisbury Cathedral, Winchester Cathedral, Stonehenge

3. Stourhead, Uffington White Horse, Hadrian's Wall, Fountains Abbey, Bempton Cliffs, Flamborough Lighthouse, Hunber Bridge, York, Castle Howard

4. Blackpool, Liverpool, Queen Square, Severn Road Bridge, Exmoor National Park, Dunster Castle, Cheddar, Wells Cathedral, Bath

5. Newmarket, Cotswolds, Cambridge, Kings College, Stratford-upon-Avon, Royal Shakespeare Theater, Blenheim Palace, Oxford, London

6. Thames River, London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Marble Arch, British Museum, Admiralty Arch, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Baker Street
7. Price Albert Memorial, Royal Albert Hall, Covent Garden, Hyde Park, Kensington Palace, Kew Gardens, Regent's Park, Tower Bridge, Tower Of London, Globe Theatre, Westminster Abbey, Harrods

8. Royal Naval College, Royal Observatory, Thames Flood Barrier, Canterbury, Channel Tunnel

9. Credits



Disc 1: 19 minutes of bonus footage that was not shown on PBS.


Visions of Scotland

Disc 1- 1. Opening, Selkirk, Edinburgh
2. Dunfermline, St. Andrews, Perth, Dundee
3. Scone Palace, Grampian Mountains
4. Highlands, Loch Ness, Inverness
5. Craoghhaven, Isle of Mull, Oban
6. Inveraray, Loch Lomond, Stirling
7. Doune, Glasgow
8. Central Valley
9. Credits



Disc 1: Bonus footage not shown on TV (25:16)


Visions of Ireland

Disc 2- 1. Opening, Croagh Patrick, Galway
10. Clonmacnoise, Sligo, Classiebawn, Giant's Causeway
11. Belfast
12. Lough Neagh, Armagh, Mount Stewart, Bru Na Boinne, Kells, Wicklow Mountains, Glendalbugh
13. Cashel, Blarney Castle, Cork, Killaruey National Park
14. Skellig Islands, Galley Head
15. Cliffs of Moher, Inishaan, Inishmore, Insheer, Lough Corrib, The Burren and Limerick
16. Dublin
17. Credits



Disc 1: Bonus footage not shown on TV (18:27)


Visions of Wales

Disc 2- 1. Opening, Chepstow, Wye River Valley, Tintern Abbey, Caldicot Castle, Severn Road Bridge and Cardiff
2. Nashpoint Lighthouse, Barry, Pothcawl, Kenig and Swansea
3. Tenby, Castle Hill, Caldey Island, Cistercian Monastery, Penrice Castle, Reynoldston and Carew Castle
4. Pembroke, Solva, St. David's, Stumble Head Lighthouse and Abereiddy
5. Aberaeron, Aberystwyth, Cardigan and Harlech Castle
6. Snowdonia Park, Llanberis, Llynpadarn, Beddgelert and Portmeirion
7. Caenarfon, Penrhyn Castle, Conwy and Llandudno
8. Credits


Disc 1: Bonus footage not shown on TV

Y - Z