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Duel At Supreme GateDuel at Supreme Gate is a film that is a female take on the movie "One-Armed Swordsman". Betty Loh Ti makes her final screen appearance as the Blind Swordswoman, Sun Yuk Bin. Sun uses her blindness to her advantage and to the dismay of her attackers. Also on the cast is Sek Kin, most known for the portrayal of Mr. Han from "Enter the Dragon" which in this film he plays a villain that steals the powerful Golden Sword and Magic Mirror to kill his opponents. BCI is distributing these films for the Rarescope label. It is a label that finds Martial Arts films that were considered "Lost" and releases them. The video quality varies greatly but the Rarescope people work with whatever the condition that the movie was found in. The movie was released in 1968 and was quite violent and gory even for its time. The movie is presented in its original Mandarin language but is subtitled in English. Also on this disc are trailers for other Rarescope titles.



The video quality is fairly good! No original film negatives exist so they have was is released. It is presented in Widescreen.



Was originally recorded in Mono. It is Mono on the disc as well.


Disc 1- 1. "Duel At Supreme Gate" (90 mins)



Disc 1: Theatrical Trailers (6:23)

Duel At Supreme Gate
A Sword Named Revenge
3 Famous Constables
Ninjas and Dragons
Choy Lee Fat Kung Fu
Whitty Hand, Whitty Sword
Monk's Fight
Black Eagle's Blade
Ninjas in Ancient China
They Call Me Chivalry
Wrath of the Sword
Sword of Justice


A surprisingly good film if you are into Marital Arts films.

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